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More Cobweb

I went to lunch with Lisa today, but bailed on our usual Saturday hours and hours of hanging out, because I wanted to spend time at home with Cobweb (who has been increasingly withdrawn -- doesn't even react to catnip -- and continues with her not eating) and with Shannon (who continues to seem stressed and upset about the situation, as well as some work stuff that has unexpectedly arisen).

So I planned to spend the day just hanging out with Shannon and Cobweb, and we did that ... kind of ... including a couple hours at the vet. I spoke to them on the phone in the early afternoon about the fact that Cobweb had now gone about 4 days with basically no food, and we haven't seen her drink, either. She gets some hydration, of course, from the subcutaneous fluids we give her every day, but she used to drink water in addition.

The vet we saw today (not our usual vet) commented that the current symptoms might actually be due to complications arising from Cobweb's old intestinal problems, rather than the more recent kidney issues, as we'd been assuming. She's been taking medication for the intestinal stuff for the last 2 1/2 years, but the vet told us that sometimes one med stops working and you have to switch to another.

So our new plan is this:

- The vet gave Cobweb some kind of whammo of an anti-nausea shot, in hopes that this would jump start her eating in the short term, but she said this kind of improvement can take a couple days.

- We're supposed to try feeding her some boiled chicken breast, which we'll do tomorrow. Neither Shannon nor I have much hope that she will eat this, when she's been rejecting her favorite foods (which are much tastier and more odoriferous), but there's no harm in trying it.

- If Cobweb is not eating better (i.e., eating something) by Monday afternoon, we're supposed to bring her in for an ultrasound (expensive) to check whether there's something funky with her innards.

The vet today gave me more hope, because this afternoon I was figuring that Cobweb only had a couple days. I mean, what can you do if the animal just stops eating? Not much. If you can't figure out why it's happening, then all you can do is watch. This vet had a few more ideas about trying to find out why it's happening, so I'm feeling less resigned. She may still only have a couple days, but at least we have a few more things to try before we just give up.

This evening I mostly vegetated, recovering from the stress of the afternoon. Tomorrow, among the housework and hair-washing and other such mundane tasks, I plan to CHILL.
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