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Dream: radiating stripes and concentric circles

Dream last night / this morning:

I was leading an art therapy group, and we were using some kind of common, easy, tidy medium -- pen, pencil, crayon -- but my paper was actually a modern print advertisement of some sort (Target? L.L. Bean? J.C. Penneys?), with a winter scene: someone wearing ice skates, someone on a sled, with blue and white everywhere, blue background dotted with snowflakes, and my "art" was all around this on the same piece of paper.

I was drawing these radiating stripes that resembled those on the Tibetan flag, and -- because I was leading the hour-long group -- I said, "Let's take 10 more minutes," but one of the people in the group objected, insisting that we wouldn't have enough time for everyone to discuss their work.

I'm not sure what this had to do with anything, but this member of the group mentioned, as part of her argument, that I had always said that our worlds are controlled by thinking. I was aghast -- what about the heart? A world -- or life -- controlled by thinking sounds cold. (Cold? Winter scene on my paper?)

But I realized that, indeed, we needed to start the discussion sooner than I'd been planning. I was peeved, because this meant I wouldn't have time to do what I wanted on my piece, but the group wasn't about me, so I suggested that we discuss our work now, instead of waiting.

Then I looked down at my art piece, and somehow instead of the radiating stripes, I had a series of concentric circles. And the woman reiterated that I'd said that our worlds are controlled by thinking.

It seems very symbolic, somehow. Maybe my art being created on top of an advertisement is about my identity growing out of modern culture and societal expectations? I don't like the "radiating stripes turn to concentric circles" idea at all. Let me have my radiating stripes, cruel world!
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