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Typhoon Biking

Dude! We've had very little rain this year, and we've all been rather concerned about what this would mean in the long run for the water table and such ... and then Mother Nature decided to make up for the several months of drought in one fell swoop today. Sheesh!

Shannon and I biked to the grocery store tonight, and it was only sprinkling when we left, but on the way home it was like a typhoon! We're riding along, in the dark, on the wet streets, and rain was just streaming into my face. When I took a slightly deeper breath than usual, I breathed water straight up my nose -- that's how thick the water was on my face.

I didn't really mind getting wet, though -- I only minded the visibility problems. It was dark, as I mentioned, and the rain covered my glasses so that I had some trouble seeing past the lenses, and the rain coated the mirror on my bike so that I couldn't really see cars coming up behind me, and the general visibility issues made me a smidge nervous. Not terribly so, but just enough that the biking wasn't as much fun as usual.

It's good that it's raining though. I think I just won't bike in it unless necessary.
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