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Boys so obsessed with their balls ...

We live in a neighborhood chock full o' college students, and this semester there have been a couple of 20ish-looking guys playing "football" (looks like "catch" to me) in the street at our nearest intersection. Now, this isn't a busy intersection, exactly -- I mean, there are no major streets involved -- but there is fairly constant-though-slow pedestrian and car traffic, and so there are maybe 10 or more people inconvenienced by these guys' game every minute.

In short, these guys are douche-bags, always out there throwing this football around and getting in people's way, nearly beaning neighbors who are just trying to walk to the bus stop or the corner store, when there are several open grassy areas within one square mile of where they apparently live.

This afternoon I was proofreading in our family room when some loud talking outside distracted me. A girl wearing very noisy shoes (heels?) approached someone else and started a conversation.

Girl: Hey! What happened?

Guy: We were playing football, and we left our keys and wallets and stuff on top of a car, and then it drove away!

Girl: (mumble mumble I couldn't hear)

Guy: No, it wasn't our car. It was just some car. And it drove away! And now we can't even get into our apartment!

He sounded quite put out, as if the world had wronged him and his buddy somehow. I sat in our family room and snickered. How could their game of throwing the ball back and forth in utter tedium have been so absorbing that they didn't notice some random stranger (neighbor, who most likely had to dodge their annoying football in order to leave his/her house) getting into the car and driving away with their most crucial belongings?

Schadenfreude enters our home once again. I smirk, but kinda hate myself for it.

I wonder if these guys will ever find their keys. Wallets might come back to you (most likely sans money), but keys don't tend to have any identification attached. As someone who has lost keys/wallets/other important items at various times, I do feel a bit of sympathy for these kids.

But I also feel a bit like it's the cosmic universe getting back at them for throwing that damn football at their neighbors' heads all the time.
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