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Bathtime for Cobweb

Sponge-bathing a 16-year-old cat is easier than I expected. Old Lady Cobweb (she of the numerous health problems, including arthritis and chronic kidney failure) has been exuding a distinctly uriniforous scent lately, and so Shannon and I subjected her to a bit of a dab with a wet washcloth tonight. Cobweb just lay there quite docilely, as if a giant attentive mama cat were bathing her with a giant tongue, until I got at her hind legs and she decided she was done with this whole procedure, resulting in some very effective kicking and squirming. I felt a little bad for her. We grabbed her and held her down at lunch time to shove a pill down her throat; then we grabbed her and held her down after dinner to rub her all over with a wet washcloth; and then we grabbed her and held her down after Shannon's gaming to stick a needle in her and pump her full of fluids. She seems pretty content most of the time, but I can't help thinking that it must really suck to have mysterious unpleasant things done to you every few hours ... especially when you don't understand when or why those unpleasant things will happen.

Poor baby.
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