Kimberly (kimberly_a) wrote,

Macintoshes of A Bygone Era

Our local M.A.C. ("Modern Accessories for Computers") store downtown has this great display in their window right now: 8 or 9 old Macs, different models, arranged in a sort of semi-circle. They're all those great old putty-colored Macs from the '80s and '90s that have the tiny little squarish screen at the top: Mac 512Ks, Mac Classic IIs (which is, I believe, the first kind of computer I ever owned, purchased for me -- used -- online by my then boyfriend, Jay, around 1994 or so), Macintosh Pluses, Mac SEs, etc.

I really loved my little Mac Classic II, though now, looking back, it seems pretty funny. The screen was black-and-white and 512 x 342 pixels. I only used it for email and news groups, though, so it was perfectly sufficient. At that time, few people had even heard of the concept of a "world wide web," and the first websites were only then being created. Why in the world would I need color?

Wow. Okay. Having another of those "I am old" moments.
Tags: computers

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