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"New Girl"

I am shocked -- shocked, I tell you! -- to discover that the "New Girl" pilot actually made me laugh! More than once! I'm not generally a fan of sit-coms (understatement), but I thought I'd give this one a try because I'd heard some good things & I really liked Zooey Deschanel in the excellent indie romcom film (500) Days of Summer. Plus, she's gorgeous, and even us straight gals can enjoy watching a beautiful woman upon occasion.

I quite like the sense of humor that permeates the show's writing, the supportive (and yet not saccharine) friendships among the characters charmed me, and some of the actors are fondly familiar, such as Max Greenfield, who played the adorable Deputy Leo D'Amato on "Veronica Mars."

I had set the TiVo to tape the pilot, but had 100% assumed that I wouldn't want to watch any of the show beyond that. In fact, I expected that I might not watch the pilot in its entirety, since sit-coms often annoy me with the stupidity of their humor and I doubted I'd have the stomach to watch an entire 30 minutes.

Color me surprised.

As Shannon points out, we've been disappointed before by interesting pilots that led to terrible series (e.g., 2007's obviously Clerks-inspired Reaper), but I'm willing to give "New Girl" another couple episodes to see what they do with it.

Were we the only ones who watched it? Anyone else have an opinion?

In other news, I was very very sick pretty much all day today, and I blame the antibiotics. Two more days of suffering, and then I will be free.
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