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The Secret Circle

Watched the series premiere of "The Secret Circle" on the CW today, and I am unimpressed. Okay, it was pretty much what I was expecting from a CW show: teen angst, supernatural drama, pretty pretty pretty girls and boys, a central love triangle, really cool clothes, cliched writing, bitchy girls who are mean to the main character, and did I mention the angst? Yeah, it's kinda like "Dawson's Creek," but with witches making water droplets float in the air.

My primary thoughts on the premiere of this show:

1. Dude. Teens ... the supernatural ... the love triangle ... the angst ... and they're running through the forests of the Pacific Northwest? Um ... Twilight, anyone? I don't know why, but the whole Pacific Northwest thing bugged me most of all. I understand that Twilight has pretty much infiltrated the entire YA supernatural fiction world these days, but at least set your story in Maine or something! And these characters are witches, who have no need to stick to the cloudy states (unlike those pesky vampires), so stick 'em in Tallahassee or Phoenix or Jackson Hole or something!

2. One of the main characters is played by this totally hot guy named Thomas Dekker, who reminds me a lot of the lead singer of Green Day, who I have always thought was really cute. Apparently, Thomas Dekker previously appeared in 12 episodes of "Heroes" (as a character named "Zach"), but I don't remember him from there. (Aha! Upon further investigation, I find that he played the character who was Claire's best friend at the beginning of the series, but partway through the first season his memory was erased by the Haitian, and so he and Claire weren't friends anymore, and he was never seen or heard from again, on the tv show anyway. I remember really liking that character, but I don't remember him being so hot. I guess he grew up a bit.)

3. I am old! I am old! I'm not wearing trousers at the moment, but if I were, I would wear their bottoms rolled! One of my absolute favorite actors from "Queer As Folk," Gale Harold, the guy who played the Sex King of Pittsburgh, the sex god everyone wanted to fuck, the guy who was presented as the most desirable and lust-worthy guy in that show's universe ... um ... well, he's playing a teenager's DAD in "The Secret Circle." Ouch! I mean, he's still hot, but he's a hot DAD. And Claire's clueless mom from "Heroes" (hey! another "Heroes" alum!) is playing another clueless relative of a supernaturally powerful high school girl ... but this time she's the grandma. Ouch! The world just keeps spinning, and people just keep getting older. It's better than the alternative, I suppose.
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