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Mostly John the Bigot and His Boldly Biased Bigotry (plus Cobweb, who is not a bigot)

John the Bigot totally lost it in CWC's community meeting today and was, eventually, ejected. Burly bouncers did not emerge from the woodwork to drag him bodily out of the building, but he did leave in openly resentful disgrace. I don't think he felt disgraced, though -- I think he just felt pissed off and persecuted.

Before being asked (repeatedly) to leave, he interrupted the daily announcements to rant VERY loudly about religious discrimination at CWC, because apparently the exercising of his religion (some form of Christianity) requires the freedom (at absolutely any time, in absolutely any place, in absolutely any company) to vilify, denounce, and in all other ways revile anyone who isn't Christian, anyone who is homosexual, anyone who even believes that it is okay to be homosexual or non-Christian, anyone who believes that it is okay to have an abortion (under any circumstances), and pretty much just anyone who doesn't agree with John the Bigot about absolutely everything.

Tolerance is one of the big big goals and expectations at CWC, so if John the Bigot insists on being somewhere where he's free to spout hate speech, then he probably should go elsewhere. And the staff pretty much said that today, though they worded it more politely.

(He seems particularly offended by the fact that CWC meets in a set of rooms that are donated by a Presbyterian church. So we're in a building that is attached to and owned by a church, and yet he, John the Bigot, is prevented from preaching his own brand of religious hatred. He ranted and ranted about how we're in a church, but CWC is trying to take God out of it. But, dude, CWC has nothing to do with God. The rooms are just donated by a civic-minded organization, with no expectation of religious activity. They're just doing us a solid, while displaying tolerance and acceptance that not everyone believes exactly as they do. Tolerance, dude! Tolerance! Learn a lesson from the church!)

It's pretty rare that I feel anything that even approaches hatred of another human being, but sometimes when I'm around John the Bigot I just have this deep, visceral urge to smack him upside the head and tell him that he sucks at being a person. Tolerance, Kimberly, tolerance! Tolerance for other people's lack of tolerance! No, that doesn't really work for me. I think there are some things I shouldn't tolerate.

(Note: My choice of icon for this entry is in John the Bigot's honor. Here you go, John -- have some Godless boy porn!)

In other news, this week we made the difficult decision to cancel Cobweb's health insurance. Her kidney condition has been going on long enough that the insurance isn't paying for her drugs anymore, and we finally had to admit that she is unlikely to live long enough to develop an unrelated health problem which would then be eligible for payment by her insurance.

Plus, she seems to have almost entirely stopped eating lately, and spends most of her time just lying around. She frequently tells us she's hungry, but when we give her food she takes a bite and then walks away. Poor baby is probably having nausea problems again. And, unfortunately, one of her medications (Simplicef) can cause nausea if it isn't taken with food ... so if she isn't eating because of nausea, and then we're shoving a pill down her throat which will cause more nausea if she doesn't eat, and then she continues to not eat, that doesn't sound so good. So I've got a call in to the vet to find out if we should stop the pills.

She's not doing so well, and it's hard on everyone involved. I blame it on that dream I had a few nights ago -- my subconscious must have jinxed her.
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