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We had a relaxing weekend. Shannon usually doesn't take off work on minor holidays, but apparently his vacation time had almost reached max, so he took today off. It meant we got to see each other much more than usual, which was very cool.

I spent Saturday with Lisa, as always. We played a few games of Dominion, including one in which she skunked me by around 30 points, and another in which she had only 3 points and I had over 120 (I can't remember the exact number). It was the biggest skunking of any of the games we've played over the last few years. I told her I had decided to make up for my weeks of consecutive Dominion losses all at once.

Shannon and I played some games this weekend, too. We played Carcassonne (for the first time in years), and I was very pleased that he didn't hold back. In our early days of playing that game, like a decade ago, I was very sensitive to aggression and attack, and I got pretty upset a few times, taking it personally. It made Shannon pretty hesitant to play the game how it's meant to be played, and so he tried to play "nicer," and that didn't work very well and so eventually we stopped playing that game altogether. I've told him many times recently that I'm much better with aggressive, combative games now (Dominion, after all, involves a lot of attacking, and I play it 2-3 times a week, every week!), but it took him a while to take me at my word. When we played yesterday, he was totally stealing my stuff and purposely blocking my plays. I thought it was great. I'm so glad he's comfortable playing with me and not worrying about my delicate gaming sensibilities!

Then today we played Alhambra, which we also hadn't played in years. It's a game I really enjoy, as it's visually beautiful, but also complex enough (game wise) to keep me interested even after a lot of plays. I won by a few points, but it was close all along, which always makes a game more fun.

Tonight, we had takeaway dim sum for dinner, as Shannon was going to downtown Oakland anyway and I suggested he swing by Sun Sing to get us some tasty stuff while he was there. It was a great treat. Takeaway dim sum is never as good as dumplings straight off the cart, but it was still more exciting than a frozen dinner.

The only real bummer of the weekend was that most of today (maybe noon to 6?), there was a "block party" happening a ways down our street, and they were playing music so loudly that I could barely hear myself think inside our house with all the windows closed from more than a block away. I ended up spending much of the afternoon wearing earplugs in my own house. Ridiculous! I actually kinda wished that I could call the police on them (How in the world is it legal to play music that loud for 6 hours in an urban area?), but I've been told they only pay attention to such calls after 10 p.m. And these people had obtained a permit for their party (since the street was blocked off), so maybe the permit included a clause allowing "Ungodly Loud Music."

Part of the Time of the Screeching Amps, I hid in my office (where the noise was a bit more muffled) and watched "Queer as Folk" videos (Brian/Justin, of course) on YouTube to try to drown it all out. I'd forgotten how much I love that show (and that pairing)!
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