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Indecision, Secret Offspring, and Taylor Swift

I was at Berkeley Bowl today, and they always have this whole area full of gorgeous yet inexpensive fresh-cut flowers, and since I have some extra money this week (and the flowers were only around $4 a bunch), I decided I would buy myself some. But then I kept dithering. Should I get the sunflowers? Or the African daisies? Or maybe the deep red dahlias? Or maybe those strange round purple flowers that look kind of like alien eye stalks (but pretty)? In the end, I couldn't decide, and so I bought no flowers at all. Hrmph. I should have just closed my eyes, asked a fellow shopper to spin me around a few times, and then bought whatever I ended up pointing at. Whatever it was, I'm sure I would have loved it.

And then I spent some time this evening shopping around online for romance novels that sound interesting (as I have once again recently been indulging in this old guilty pleasure of mine). In general, I have various plot lines that tend to interest me most. The unrequited love plot, for example, is my favorite, especially if it involves close friends. But one of the basic plot models I was looking for tonight was the "we once loved each other when we were young, but were separated by circumstances (usually involving some kind of dramatic misunderstanding), and only now are reunited and discovered that our feelings have not died" theme, but I kept running into this one particular difficulty: apparently every single person who has ever had a young love, then been separated, then been reunited years later has produced a secret love child as a result of that early liaison. Sheesh! Is this really so prevalent in the world? Is it really that easy to get pregnant? Is this really what all romance readers are looking for? Is pregnancy and childbirth really so romantic? Personally, I'm not so interested in secret babies, and so I found the pattern a bit annoying.

My third point of the day is that I am currently obsessed with this cheesy Taylor Swift song called "Love Story":

My only knowledge of Taylor Swift prior to yesterday was when Damon Salvatore (on "The Vampire Diaries") said, "Some girls just can't resist my good looks, my style, my charm ... and my unflinching ability to listen to Taylor Swift." But I now find that I rather like a couple of her songs, and I keep listening to this one particular tune over and over again. It's catchy! Okay, yeah, so it's pretty much the kind of music that belongs on a "Dawson's Creek" soundtrack ... but ... well ... Shannon and I actually own a couple "Dawson's Creek" soundtracks ... and "our song" was actually on a "Dawson's Creek" soundtrack ... so I guess this new development is no surprise.

I just love a song that tells a story, especially if there's a catchy chorus and maybe some references to Shakespeare. So sue me. Though I must admit I'm rather puzzled by the part in the song in which Swift sings:

'cause you were Romeo -- I was a scarlet letter,
And my daddy said, "Stay away from Juliet,"
But you were everything to me,
I was begging you, "Please don't go"

Um ... "scarlet letter"? WTF? How did adultery come into this? And how can a person be a scarlet letter? Was someone wearing her pinned to their shirt? Was she (the girl in the song) somehow a societal symbol of the boy's sexual misconduct? Was she forced upon him as a punishment for his behavior and a warning to others? Was Swift just looking for some random literary reference to throw into her lyrics? Or did she never read that particular novel and just tried to glean from popular culture what the "scarlet letter" meant, with nonsensical results? Or am I totally missing something? Do these lyrics actually make sense?

I hate feeling like I'm totally missing something.
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