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Public bathroom gripes (yes, I write journal entries only about SERIOUS BUSINESS)

Today I thought of another thing that should go on my list of stuff I don't like: auto-flushing toilets. Now, I appreciate the thought, as public bathrooms are often pretty nasty, but ... I don't know ... maybe I'm the only one that has this problem: I lean over and put the paper seat cover on the toilet seat (see earlier mention of the nastiness of public bathrooms), then I stand and pull my pants down, and then the toilet flushes before I get a chance to sit down, whisking away the paper toilet seat cover I had placed only seconds before. Sometimes I do this dance a few times in a row before I can somehow trick the blasted thing into leaving the toilet seat cover unmolested until I've had a chance to anchor it in place with my butt. I find this little tug-of-war highly annoying, and rather ironic: with the auto-flush toilets, I can avoid touching a germy toilet flush handle ... but I have to sacrifice the ability to use a paper seat cover.

Seriously ... is there some kind of skill involved in using these damn things? Am I missing something?

Also: I abhor bathrooms that give you only one option for drying your hands: the air blower. I mean, yes, I could stand there for an hour until my hands were dry, but I've got things to do! Maybe if they had a little tv above the air dryer or something. Sheesh! When faced with this problem, I generally give up and pat my hands all up and down my jeans, so that I don't leave a big ol' visible wet handprint in any one particular spot, but my jeans end up slightly damp all over, and my hands end up slightly drier. Sub-optimal ... but better than spending my afternoon in front of the air blower!
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