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My wrists keep hurting. Boo! I will smother them with ice packs one more time before bed tonight.

Both Shannon and I were home today, our usual commitments canceled, and so we spent a Saturday together for the first time in ... years, maybe. (Maybe when we went to Sacramento for two friends' wedding, whenever that was. Maybe last year?)

We didn't stay glued to each other's side, of course. But over the course of the day we:

- watched the latest episode of "Haven" together. These last couple of episodes have been sucking in a major way. Perhaps the simple presence of Jason Priestley on set recently is causing the writers to lose brain cells?

- pilled, fed, and subcutaneously hydrated a rather ungrateful feline who seems, nonetheless, encouragingly healthy. Some days she still doesn't eat a lot, and so we are still in a constant state of trying different foods, both dry and wet, to see if we can tempt her, and she seems to usually prefer the crappiest, cheapest, least healthy stuff we can find. I guess she's like a kid who wants nothing but McDonald's hamburgers every day. At this stage in her life, given how much longer she's likely to be around, we don't mind feeding her crap, if that's what it takes to get some calories into her, but in a house of three cats it's difficult to keep their food separate, and we worry that the other cats are getting chock full o' ash, "animal by-products," fillers, "meat and bone meal," and corn syrup. Lucy's still a growing girl (kinda), and Munchkin is remarkably healthy for a 16-year-old lady, so we'd like to keep her that way!

- played a two-player card game called The Rivals of Catan, which Shannon was wanting to review this week. I liked it better than any of the other Catan games I've played. I liked it quite a bit, in fact, and we plan to play it again at some point tomorrow.

- biked up to Safeway to buy groceries. (I wore my wrist braces, since biking can sometimes hurt my wrists.) Safeway is currently having a nice sale on my favorite juice, Ocean Spray Fruit and Veggie Tropical Citrus Blend (which is 100% juice and which I like better than plain old fruit juice, because it's less sweet and gives me some additional nutrition from vegetables). So I was all excited by the sale, because it allowed me to get what I really wanted instead of settling for something less desirable just because it was cheaper (which I've been doing a lot in the last couple months, juice-wise, just getting what's on sale, though in doing that I discovered that I quite like Juicy Juice's Orange Tangerine juice, at least when I mix it 50/50 with carbonated water, though I never would have chosen it if it wasn't on a fairly extreme sale).

- played a game of Dominion (a 50/50 combo of Alchemy cards and Cornucopia cards, which was interesting), and I lost dramatically again. Dude! This is getting ridiculous! There are Curse cards in the game, and I'm beginning to feel Cursed! I haven't won any of the last dozen or so Dominion games I've played! It was way fun, though, both today with Shannon and yesterday with Lisa.

On my own, I also watched an episode of "Suits" (a new show I've been really really liking) and another of "Flashpoint" (which I like, but was unexcited enough by that I ended up pausing the DVR partway through the episode and have not yet returned to find out whether all our imperiled heroes got blown up by the bomb or not), did some housework, took a nap (I've been trying not to, but sometimes in the late afternoon I just can't help myself.), messed around with some USA Today crossword puzzles online, futzed around with my Netflix queue a bit (mostly just searching for stuff that's available on streaming, but also perusing my "Recommendations," because their algorithm tends to find me stuff that totally interests me, unlike Amazon), did a major purge of my "Alerts" on (getting rid of alerts re: fics in fandoms I'm not actually reading right now, so that I don't keep getting all these emails every day about stories I currently have no interest in), and did various other lazy weekend kinds of things. It was very exciting.

On tomorrow's agenda is a visit to Out of the Closet, which I've never been to before, to see if they put price tags on their merchandise (unlike Goodwill) and if they have any comfy, inexpensive clothes that make me feel good about myself. Shopping is always fun. Well, except bathing suit shopping. For some of us, bathing suit shopping is pretty much the eternal antithesis of fun. Ugh.
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