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Cheap Dinners in Berkeley (and a few in Oakland)

This will be of interest to almost no one, so feel free to skip this. Shannon and I eat out every Friday night, but our budget is tight ($20 for the two of us), so we have tended to eat at the same few cheap places. As I'm tired of those places and interested in trying out some new stuff, I've done some research, but the notes have been scattered on scribbled notes tacked to my cork board, so today I decided to gather them all in one place. Hence this journal entry.

Possible Restaurants for Friday Night Dinners

Emeryville Public Market (all kinds of food)
Denny's (Emeryville)
Chevy's (Emeryville)


Pasta Bene
Telegraph and Dwight

Asian (Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.)

King Dong (Chinese)
Shattuck near Haste

Sun Sing Pastry (takeaway dim sum)
382 8th Street

Tuk Tuk Thai (Thai)
2468 Shattuck Avenue (near Haste)

Little Saigon (Vietnamese)
1717 University Ave (near McGee)

Pin Toh (Vietnamese/Thai - looks like mostly Thai, actually)
2272 Shattuck Ave (near Bancroft)

Viet Nam Village Restaurant (Vietnamese)
2521 Durant Ave (near Telegraph)


Chaat Cafe
1902 University Avenue (at MLK)

Indus Village
1920 San Pablo Avenue (near Hearst)

1106 University Avenue (near San Pablo)

Middle Eastern

Holy Land Restaurant
2965 College Avenue (at Ashby)

Turkish Kitchen
1986 Shattuck Avenue (near University)

2395 Telegraph Avenue (near Channing)

1926 Shattuck Avenue (near Hearst)

Razan's Organic Kitchen
2119 Kittredge St (near Shattuck)

Oasis Grill
2114 Center Street

Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Such

1600 Shattuck Avenue (at Cedar)

Bongo Burger
2505 Dwight Way or 2154 Center Street

Smart Alec's
2355 Telegraph Avenue

1890 Shattuck Avenue

Top Dog
2534 Durant Avenue or 2160 Center Street


Casa Bernal
2122 Shattuck Ave

Frausto's Mexican Food Restaurant
2504 Shattuck Avenue (near Dwight)

La Cascada
2164 Center Street

Everything Else

Pepe's Pizza Buffet
2516 B Durant Ave (very cheap all-you-can-eat)

Souvlaki Greek Traditional Food
2518 B Durant Ave (very cheap)

KFC/Taco Bell
6035 Telegraph Avenue

Cafe Intermezzo
2442 Telegraph Avenue

Claremont Diner
6200 Claremont Avenue (at College)

Saturn Cafe
2175 Allston Way

Boston Market
5152 Broadway (at 51st)

Fonzie's Peruvian Chicken
Dwight and Telegraph

Nino's Brazilian Restaurant
1916 MLK (near Hearst)

Brazil Cafe
1983 Shattuck Ave (near University)

D'Yar (Mediterranean)
2511 Durant Ave (near Bowditch)

Alohana Hawaiian Grill
2116 Shattuck Ave
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