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You learn something new every day

So I was watching this true crime tv show today (I think it was "Cold Case Files."), and one of the law enforcement guys involved in the case said that he didn't want to speak "braggadociously" ... and I loved the word so much that I immediately wrote it down, then rewound to hear him say it again. Braggadociously! It sounds like something a surfer would say: "Dude, I don't want to speak braggadociously, but my surfing is bodacious!"

I was sure this must be a neologism created by this individual guy, but upon further research I found several websites that apparently considered it a real word and offered definitions ("boastful," as one might guess). The word is not in Webster's, so I'm not sure how well accepted it is, but I love it. It sounds like it should be in a Mary Poppins song.
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