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S - A - T - U - R - D - A - Y ... night!

Hung out with Lisa today, as usual, and we randomly decided to go to Chester's for lunch, for a change. I used to looove Chester's, and Shannon and I both went there frequently when we lived in North Berkeley, but the restaurant was sold to new owners some 10 years ago or something, and it has mostly sucked ever since. Their menu is still reasonably interesting, but the actual food quality is less than impressive and the service tends to be terrible. But we were looking for something reasonably quick (for reasons I will explain in a moment), and Chester's never has a line (though it used to, back when it was good). So I was prepared for mediocracy.

But today I ordered something I hadn't had there before: the "Modesto Potato Pancakes." Here's how the menu described them: "Hash brown potatoes, mixed veggies, three cheeses, tomatoes, cilantro, sour cream, eggs your way, toast." It turned out to be kinda like an omelette, but with potatoes as the primary structural ingredient, instead of eggs. For ova-phobic people like myself, this is an exciting idea. I actually thought it was really yummy, too. These supposed "mixed veggies" must have been chopped so finely as to be imperceptible, but that's okay. Their "potato pancakes" (most decidedly not latkes) were quite tasty! Worth another trip to Chester's one of these days.

The reason we wanted lunch somewhere relatively speedy was that Lisa had gotten a film from Netflix which we both wanted to see, and particularly wanted to watch together: Honey and Clover, which is a 2006 Japanese (duh) live-action adaptation of a manga series for which we had previously watched the anime adaptation. I was dubious beforehand, but I ended up really liking the movie! It's a sort of coming-of-age, romantic sort of thing, set at an art college in Japan. There isn't a lot of actual romance romance (in the kissy kissy sense) in the movie, but there's lots of unrequited love, contemplation of falling cherry blossoms, pondering the ways of the world, expressions of admiration for Youth and Art, etc.

I was shocked to see that I could watch a 2-hour movie -- with subtitles, no less -- without feeling even remotely tempted to fall asleep. Of all the sleepiness tests I've done recently, this one had the most unexpected result. Very exciting!

In other news, our neighbors seemed to be having a rather large party in their back garden this afternoon/evening, with various tables of food/drink/etc. I hope this doesn't mean that the old lady who owns the house has died (though that was apparently Shannon's first thought when he saw the people gathering, as well). This lady is (or was) probably close to 100 years old. Well, I hope she's okay, and that she and her "helper" guy (also very old, but considerably more spry than she is) continue to live there. They are very nice neighbors, and I've never known them to host a party worth noticing before today. They don't tend to get high and crank up their music while the pot smoke wafts through our open windows. They don't tend to watch the Superbowl really loudly and scream (in unison with all the equally hyper friends they've invited over) at the tops of their voices every time a touchdown is made. They don't (as far as I know) haul their extra garbage over and shove it into our tiny trash can. Plus, one time, the "helper" guy came over with a big bag of plums from the tree in their backyard, and gave them to us! So they're pretty cool neighbors. Long live the neighbors!
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