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How I Met Your Mother

So Shannon and I have been watching "How I Met Your Mother" from Netflix lately, because we like to have a 30-minute show on hand for times when we just want to watch something short (such as when "healing" Cobweb), and I have been quite drastically impressed. I hate most American comedies, especially sit coms, and laugh tracks usually set my teeth to grinding. But I actually like this show. Shockingly enough, it actually makes me laugh out loud at least a couple times each episode!

The narrative structure is often wackily non-linear (which I like), the humor is often pretty smart (which I like), the writers show a sly awareness of the medium (which I adore), and there's a childlike joy to the whole thing that makes me happy. It has a sort of Calvin and Hobbes sort of fun to it, though I can't explain how.

Plus, you know, Alison Hannigan: hotness personified, and great comic timing. Plus, you know, Neil Patrick Harris: geeky coolness personified, and amazing comic timing.

Such a great show! I am flabbergasted!
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