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One of my favorite words is "varmint." I was watching some tv show a few years ago, some forensics show about solving crimes, and there was a guy in some snooty job -- like a judge or captain of police or whatever -- and in his description of the crime, he used the word "varmint," and I just about peed my pants. "Varmint"! I pictured this snooty official wearing a big ol' cowboy hat, sporting a giant droopy mustache, and waving a six-shooter in the air. I wondered if his online moniker was yosemite_sam.

The word "varmint" still makes me snicker, pretty much every time I hear it or even think it. I'm not sure why exactly it is so funny, but I think it's largely because of the sound. Varmint! Hee!

And wouldn't it be cool to pair up Shakespeare with Yosemite Sam and call someone a "varletty varmint"? Hee!

Yes, I am easily amused by words.
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