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RSI flare-up

I'm feeling kinda pissed off, because a few days ago I did something stupid and now I'm paying for it. We decided to buy a couple of patio chairs from Ace Hardware (to use on our new deck), and I told Shannon that I could go pick them up and carry them home (a bit over a mile) on my own, since he was working.

Well, the chairs are made of plastic, but they are big and awkward. I got them most of the way home, and then phoned Shannon to say that I needed his help.

Carrying the chairs didn't hurt me or anything, but my arms got very tired, mostly because of the uncomfortable positions I had to hold for an extended period of time.

Well, the last couple days, I've been having pain in both my wrists and my elbows. Crap. Looks like my old old old (circa 20 years ago) repetitive strain injuries have been triggered again. I haven't had any significant pain in my arms for several years, so this is making me pretty pissed off, mostly at myself. I mean, I guess I got complacent after several pain-free years and forgot that my injuries are permanent, that I will need to be careful about how I use my arms for the rest of my life.

Now my wrists, in particular, are giving me enough pain that they woke me up a few times last night. This evening, I dug out the wrist braces I haven't used in more than a decade and wore them in hopes of giving my wrists a bit of a chance to heal. I'm considering wearing them while I sleep tonight, but I'm afraid that would just make sleep even more difficult.


Ah well. Ice is your friend.
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