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Things I Don't Like

I've written a number of journal entries (both here and on my personal website) about stuff I like, including favorite movies, favorite books, favorite playwrights, etc. But what about the opposite category?

Things I Don't Like

(not including obvious stuff like bigots, hypocrisy, pedophiles, stupid people, Nazis, etc.)

- yogurt
- mentholated cough drops
- bicyclists who don't at least slow for stop signs
- seaweed (as a food)
- eggplant (except in ratatouille)
- poi
- the SF tv show "Farscape"
- Tom Cruise (since he discovered Scientology)
- Scientology in general
- people who let their dogs off-leash on bike trails
- the taste of alcohol
- the smell of cigarettes
- spiders
- wasps
- greasy sunblock, esp. on my face and hands
- Ernest Hemingway's works (esp. the disgusting Death in the Afternoon)
- Charles Dickens' works
- Tennessee Williams' works
- Microsoft/Bill Gates
- Starbucks
- raw onions
- laugh tracks
- olives
- pickles
- mustard
- muenster cheese
- Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
- misplaced modifiers
- heights
- hot weather
- car alarms
- maggots (*shudder*)
- the movie Brazil
- the movie The Piano
- The Three Stooges
- the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey
- the anime film Perfect Blue
- Jerry Lewis
- pretty much everything to do with Star Wars that was made after 1997
- things that unexpectedly jump out at you from the shadows (even if just in a movie)
- Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
- Ayn Rand
- telemarketers
- raisins
- modern dance
- websites that automatically play some kind of soundtrack
- opera
- scammers who send me alarmist letters about how my car insurance is about to expire ... when I've never even had a driver's license
- limeade
- pedestrians who slowly jaywalk in front of cars who have the right of way
- grape juice
- people who wink
- adults who call other adults (especially ME) "baby" ... especially in a sexual context (ew!)
- Wallace Stegner's Big Rock Candy Mountain
- that annoying parrot in the Disney movie Aladdin
- the novel The Kite Runner (I hate coincidences as major plot points!)
- Mormons who came from Utah to California to fight gay marriage in our state election
- the ending of the John Hughes movie Pretty in Pink (she ended up with the wrong guy!)
- "I Love Lucy"
- Lewis Black (on The Daily Show)
- young people who keep their seats on crowded buses and don't let old people sit down
- drivers who rev up and rush forward to try to intimidate pedestrians who have the right of way
- airlines nowadays (no complimentary meals, fines for checked luggage, etc.)

Gosh, I guess I don't like a lot of things. But you've gotta admit: some of these things are pretty unlikeable.
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