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Hi ho, hi ho ... well, except that I didn't actually *go* anywhere to get all this work done

Rain rain rain rain rain. All day long, steady as anything. Two days ago, the weather was actually *hot*! Weird. Welcome to an East Bay summer!

I slept 10:30 p.m.-9:30 a.m. last night. Then I slept a couple hours this afternoon. This is ridiculous!

We're getting rid of our truly *gigantic* cat tree, in order to replace it with a more reasonably sized version that won't take up 10% of the space in our living room. It's weird to get rid of this cat tree, though, because my friend (then boyfriend) Jay built it himself -- sawing lumber and all that -- after I had picked out Cobweb and Munchkin from their litter, but when they were still too young to adopt out. So the cat tree was in my apartment waiting for them when I finally brought the tiny babies home. It's been there pretty much their *entire* lives!

But the thing is just huge. It's time for it to go. We have a new couch that is larger than the previous one, and we need the room.

So I'm giving our HUMONGOUS cat tree away for free on Craig's List, in hopes that someone else will get another 16 years of use out of it. I've gotten about a gazillion emails about it already, so I've been weeding out the people who annoy me (like the woman whose entire email was in all caps and massively gigantic type, or the guy who asked if the cat tree *smells*), because I want our cat tree to go to a good home.

I've spent the day getting thousands -- nay millions! -- of things done around the house: supergluing Shannon's favorite mug, doing dishes, washing various loads of laundry, measuring the couch and loveseat and cat tree (all of which will be getting advertised on Craig's List at some time or other soon), taking photos of all the furniture we're giving away, posting the cat tree to Craig's List, vacuuming the insides of our current (extremely old and beat-up) sofas (so that when someone comes to take them off our hands soon there isn't quite so much disgustingness beneath the cushions), sweeping the floor (including beneath the sofas, which involved a lot of furniture moving), etc., etc., etc.

My life is so exciting.

Recently, I dreamt about shopping for funky earrings at some ethnic craft fair, and the earrings were really cool. Of course, in reality, the piercings in my ears closed up more than 20 years ago and I can't wear earrings anymore, so it was a pretty weird dream.

Less than a week 'til my mom and brother arrive for a 3-day visit. Woo hoo! I haven't seen them in 2 or 3 years!
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