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Glasses! Bifocals! Couches! Being a grown up! Kinda!

Woo hoo! I picked up my new glasses today, and ... I can see! Huzzah!

For the past 4 years or so, I've had vision problems (of the "old people" variety -- i.e., need for bifocals) that gradually but relentlessly became worse and worse. This past year or so, I've been having trouble reading my watch without taking my glasses off, reading menus in some restaurants, reading instructions on frozen dinners, reading ingredients lists on grocery store items, reading blurbs on the backs of some books, etc. It was really getting pretty ridiculous. Not being able to read my watch at a glance was the worst.

But this morning I picked up my new glasses (sorta rectangular shape, sorta fuschia-ish wire frames, progressive lenses), and the world is my legible oyster! My watch is no longer a blurry mystery! I can read anything anything anything under the sun! Woo hoo!

Shannon's new glasses (which he got last week) are also bifocals. We are old, we are old, we shall wear our trouser bottoms rolled. (Note: I am only 5'1" tall, so I've been wearing my trouser bottoms rolled occasionally my whole life, even when I wasn't old.)

The only problem with my new glasses is that I've been feeling a bit of a headache, a bit of motion sickness, and/or a bit of dizziness when I move my eyes around too quickly. It makes sense, I suppose. I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Also, a couple days ago Shannon and I ordered a matching sofa and love seat set for our living room ... and it will be the very first brand new sofa either of us has ever owned. Yes, you read correctly: all of our previous sofas have been hand-me-downs. Our current sofa and love seat, which we've been using for more than a decade, were inherited from Shannon's mom -- when she decided that they were too worn out for her -- and they are in rather dire shape by this time. So ... I'm 41, and Shannon is 39, and we will soon be the proud owners of our very first brand spankin' new sofa and love seat! Woo hoo! It's almost like we're grown-ups or something!

I guess by the time you're wearing bifocals, it makes sense that you should be buying your own new couches, instead of picking up used ones at garage sales.

I still plan to wear jeans every day and carry a backpack, though.
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