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Shannon and I went to Thai Noodle (on Telegraph) for dinner, and it was okay. I've been craving pad thai for weeks, so it was nice to finally have the noodles I'd been dreaming of, but the pad thai in general wasn't all that impressive. But it was nice for some variety, as S and I haven't gone out to Thai food together in a very long time, so I'm sure we'll be back. Of course, during the school year it will be much more crowded, as it's only a couple blocks from the campus, but tonight it was almost empty.

I didn't even see tao hou tod (fried triangles of tofu served w/a slightly spicy sauce and chopped peanuts) on their menu, but maybe I didn't look closely enough. I sorta skimmed through the appetizers. But tao hou tod is one of my favorite Thai dishes (right up there with pad thai and tom yum goong soup.

Tomorrow my good friend (and former former former housemate, as we lived together, then didn't, then did again, then didn't) Katherine is leaving town tomorrow with her husband (Michael) and 4-year-old daughter (Mimi) to spend 3 months in Boston, where Michael is from (and where his family still lives). Oh noes! I only see Katherine maybe once a month these days, but 3 months? She just better not decide to move to Boston, or I will have to fly there and drag her home by her hair, because there are too many people who love her here and who would miss her terribly. She was the first real friend I made in the Bay Area, and she's very dear to me.

Did I mention that I have an appointment with a different sleep doc 2 weeks from today?
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