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I've been busy busy busy lately, largely due to our recent efforts to rearrange rooms and furniture and get our stuff organized so that we can move some of it into the garage (the cement floor of which seems to be almost dry now ... weeks after it was poured!). It's inspired me to try to get everything else into shape, too.

So I've been sorting through office supplies (a few months ago we got rid of my old desk, which had drawers, and there was nowhere to put the stuff that had been in the drawers -- ink refills, post-its, paper clips, stationery, envelopes, etc. -- so it all went into a box), hanging mirrors/artwork/lightswitch plates/etc., washing windows, and doing all kinds of random stuff that needs to be done but has been neglected for I-don't-know-how-long.

I also made a trip to the hardware store and stopped by to see Lisa. She seems to be doing better, but she's still in constant pain. To distract her, we played a couple games of Dominion, which was fun as always. I only stayed for a little less than two hours, but she seemed to enjoy the company. She's not really making it out of the house much right now.

At home, Shannon read me some Harry Dresden, then I watched some "Dexter" while he played board games with his friends downstairs. I'd kinda lost interest in "Dexter" lately, because I mostly only watch tv when I'm eating, and I don't really like to eat while watching "Dexter." Frequently too gross. But tonight I watched an episode from Season 2, and I was reminded why I like the show. Good writing, good acting, good directing, and interesting psychological issues.

I was listening to some old General Public today, and I noticed the line "Words like 'conviction' can turn into a sentence" (in the excellent 80's song "Tenderness"), and I was suddenly charmed. I've been listening to this song for more than 20 years, but I never noticed the double meaning there before! Duh! I love it when I noticed stuff like that, though, and it just expands my appreciation for something I've loved for a long time.

This weekend, our Guest Cat (Tai Chi) will be arriving for a 10-day stay, so life will become a bit more interesting. Our cats have no idea of the trauma that lies ahead of them.
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