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Written Monday night:

I've been digestively sick a lot the past few days. I guess I haven't been being careful enough about the amount of egg in the food I eat. I'm going to mostly cut out egg for a while to see if I can get back to something resembling healthy.

I've stopped taking Ambien, because it didn't seem to be helping w/my sleep issues the way my doc thought it might. Also, I was sleeping about 2 hours more every day and feeling pretty groggy in the mornings. Yuck.

Today I saw the optometrist and ordered new glasses. He told me rather bluntly that I have the vision of someone 10 years older than I am. Ouch! For the past year or two, I've been having to take off my glasses to read menus in restaurants, instructions on frozen dinners, nutrition information on items in the grocery store, etc. I remember my dad doing that all the time when I was an undergrad and used to visit him a couple times a year in Nevada. (He was living on an Indian reservation, though he was not Native American.) At the time, I thought it was kind of funny, but now I feel his pain. Of course, getting old is far better than the alternative.

Shannon and I put up some curtains from Pottery Barn tonight (well, he did most of the work while I kept him company and handed him screwdrivers and such), but he is not happy with how it came out, so he wants to take it all down and redo it. I wasn't even the person wielding the electric drill, and I still found the 90-minute process exhausting, so I'm not enthused about this plan. I'm voting for putting off this project for a little while.

Went to bed.

Written Tuesday morning:

I also did a bunch of rearranging of books in my office last night, as there are a plethora of bookcases in here, the room (with south-facing windows) gets a lot of sun, and I needed to think about which spines I wouldn't mind getting faded. So I moved all my first editions, signed copies of fave books (mostly John Crowley and Ray Bradbury), antique books, and old children's books from when I was a kid (many of them quite ratty, but beloved) out of the sun; and moved our OED, "practical" books, health books, and essays onto the book case that gets more light. I have less attachment to those, though the OED was a wedding present from a dear friend.

Today: sorting through a box of my Dad's stuff I haven't really looked at since I brought it home after his death 4 years ago. It's mostly old photos of my brother and myself, which I can just throw away (I already have copies of the same photos), but there are lots of pictures of him in there, too, including lots from periods in his life when we weren't in contact. So I'm sure it will be emotional.
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