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I've had Robert Verdi on my mind lately

Shannon and I have been purchasing all kinds of furniture and decorating items to fix up our gradually improving household (esp. the upstairs). We're being careful to find the optimal bargains, which requires lots of time searching the Internet, but I think we've been doing pretty well. Here's what we've bought recently:

At Goodwill, I bought a 4-foot-high plastic chest of 4 varying sizes of drawers to hold collage and other art materials, primarily magazine clippings. It seems perfect for the task.

At the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, I bought a 6"x26.5" wooden box -- presumably intended as a CD storage box -- which I have propped up on end to form a potential step to help Lucy climb up onto the top of the tall bookcase nearby. I'm not sure if it will work, but it's worth a try, and the box was cheap.

At the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, I also bought a cute little shelf/drawer (7"x7") which is painted in blue and green that goes quite nicely with the colors of a box Katherine painted and gave to me many years ago. I was quite happy to find it.

A small, folding platform truck (so that I can haul heavy cats to the vet by myself, so we can tote more than one box of cat litter home at a time, so that we can buy furniture or whatever locally instead of having it shipped to the house, and other stuff that us non-drivers have trouble with)

2 big fuzzy pillows to make the futon couch in the new family room more comfy

A coffee table to replace the one in the living room, which is all banged up and ugly (the banged up coffee table, in turn, will move up into the less public family room for the next phase of its life)

A new, flat-screen tv (to replace a huge, heavy, ancient, very much not flat-screen one made in 1985) with a cheap dvd player for the new family room

From Pottery Barn, drapes (and the necessary hardware to hang them) to block the light in our new bedroom, since it faces south

And we will soon have Ting replacing windows in Shannon's office and mine, installing screens, and just generally making our house more livable.

I feel pretty uncomfortable spending all this money, but Shannon assures me that it's okay. And I must admit it will be nice to live in a real house like grown-ups, without stuff falling down around our ears.
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