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I've been having intermittent back pain (mostly upper back) for the past week or so, and it's highly annoying. I feel like an old woman. On Saturday it was bad enough to keep me at home popping Tylenol, but today I said, "Screw it," and biked with Shannon down to the Target in Albany to buy groceries. I refuse to be kept in the house two days in a row, and I'd really been looking forward to the grocery shopping. My back is still hurting, but it's not so bad right now. It seems to be at its worst in the morning, and most days it's been waking me up early. Sigh.

So we hopped on our bikes and headed off. Unfortunately, when we about 2 miles from home (and still quite far from Target), Shannon got a flat tire as we were approaching the North Berkeley BART station. Doh! I suggested that we walk our bikes to Missing Link, our favorite local bike store (complete with mechanics' shop), and so we did so ... only to discover that they were closed for May Day! WTF? Of course, the store is a cooperative that is owned and operated by the employees, so I suppose it's not that surprising that they would be closed to honor International Workers' Day, especially given the whole Berkeley ethos. Apparently, "May 1 is a national holiday in more than 80 countries" (according to Wikipedia). Our country, however, is not one of them, and I had never even *heard* of "International Workers' Day" before today, so we were both pretty surprised. Shannon seemed pretty ticked and ranted for a while. Then we walked to Mike's Bikes, which is only a couple blocks away from Missing Link, and they apparently don't give a damn about "International workers" and so they were open. They replaced both his tires and both his inner tubes for him, and then we turned around and went back the way we'd come, passed North Berkeley BART again without getting any additional flat tires, and continued on to Target, whereupon we shopped uneventfully and then biked home uneventfully.

At home, we puttered around, did our own thing, tortured the cat (unfortunately, she's taken to trying to bite me while we give her the subcutaneous fluids), learned about the whole Osama Bin Laden assassination, watched "The Amazing Race," and just generally relaxed.

Tomorrow I have errands to run, and I expect the weather to be sunny and warm.
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