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Vampire Diaries: "The Last Day"

I just watched this week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries," and I'm darn close to speechless. All my bedazzled brain can come up with is "Holy mackerel!"

Okay, so I found the whole "last day as a human" plot pretty boring, because it seems glaringly obvious that Elena is *not* going to become a vampire (at least, anytime soon). So blah blah blah. It was nice to see Elena coming right out and saying, "I don't want to be a vampire. I've never wanted to be a vampire," and Stefan's acknowledgment that he already realized this some time ago.

But the rest of the episode rocked my socks. Tyler's back! I looooooovvvve Tyler. I've never read any Tyler/Caroline fic or anything, but when it comes to watching the episodes I totally ship them. Matt's a nice guy and all, but Tyler is far more interesting, as he's traveled a long way from the immature asshole he seemed to be at the beginning of the show. And Caroline has traveled a similar journey, so they seem really good for each other. I loved all Tyler's refusals to tell her why he didn't say goodbye. Dude! He's totally in love with you!

And Jenna is in transition! Holy moly! Of course, they have to make her drink human blood if Klaus wants her to be an *actual* vampire for the ritual, and I can't imagine Jenna willingly chowing down on any of her buddies, but hey how hard is it to make someone drink blood against their will? I mean, Damon did it to Elena earlier in the episode. So I can't see that being a major stumbling block.

And Damon's been bitten by Tyler! They tried *very* hard to save Rose, with no success, so I'm wondering what will happen now, especially as Damon's burned some of his most important relationship bridges. But, then, it looks like he's forging some kind of questionable alliance with Katherine.

So pretty much everybody's lives are in danger except Stefan, since he was just like, "La la la ... let's take a walk to the waterfall while everyone else risks everything." I'm not a big Stefan fan.

I think I'm going to have to stop reading TVD communities on my primary LJ friends list, because I almost invariably don't get a chance to watch the episodes until the next day, and I do tend to read my friends list in between, and the communities don't seem very strict about keeping spoilers under lj-cuts. So I guess I'll have to make up a separate TVD-specific reading list which I can look at *after* I've watched the latest episodes. I hate being spoiled!
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