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Fezzes are cool!

Yesterday, while having a pill thrust into her mouth (unfortunately not down her throat, though that was accomplished eventually), Cobweb bit my left index fingertip in some magical way that was excruciating. Some of the worst pain I've ever experienced. Shannon and I assume she must have hit a nerve or something, because it really hurt more than one would expect, and that fingertip was numb and tingly for about 12 hours afterward. But at the moment when it happened, all I knew was that it friggin' hurt! So I yanked my hand away and shouted and probably hopped around a bit and maybe there was some writhing as well. I don't quite remember, because my memory is caught on the pain. So I'm all wrapped up in my World of Fingertip Agony, and Shannon is sitting there holding the cat, insisting that I must spaz down and get the damn pill down her throat. So we did that, and she was properly antibioticized, and I was left to hope that my fingertip would be normal again someday. It still feels a bit numb, but no longer tingly, so that's an improvement, right? Well, I doubt it's going to fall off, at any rate. So all is, I presume, well.

Last night we watched the new "Doctor Who" episode, and I quite liked it. It got me on a kick, and I spent a while on YouTube checking out clips from past episodes. I loved David Tennant so much that I really didn't think I a new Doctor could win me over, but Matt Smith did so easily. Maybe it was the fez. Or Amy. And initially I didn't like Rory, but now, after his 2000 years of waiting for Amy, I like him a lot more. Maybe he just looked good in that centurion outfit.

If you're interested, here are some of the DW videos I particularly liked:

The Doctor plays soccer/football
"Fezzes are cool!"
"Bow ties are cool!"
Amy and Rory reunited
Random funny moments from Series 5 (Matt Smith's first season)
The Doctor says goodbye to mini-Amy before disappearing into the void
"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" -- the Doctor returns and is remembered at last
The Doctor dancing like a big ol' geek at Amy and Rory's wedding (this would be better if he were wearing a fez, in my opinion)

Then I went looking for "Torchwood" clips, as well, but it seemed like mostly all I was interested in were the death scenes, because "Torchwood" has included some death scenes that left me rather traumatized ... but in a good way, in a cathartic way. Like when Wesley died on "Angel," which was one of my favorite scenes on tv ever. It makes me cry every single time I watch it, and I've watched it several times.

Well, I looked for some Jack/Ianto scenes, too, because I'm a sucker for Jack/Ianto.

Anyway, I've been mostly hiding in the house and doing exciting housework today, with occasional breaks to read YA romantic comedies and catch up on some of my tv shows that are recorded on the DVR, such as this week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries," which was rather eventful. Tonight is "The Amazing Race," so I'm looking forward to that, too!

Tomorrow I'm considering going on an adventurous trek to the (relatively) new Berkeley Bowl in west Berkeley, because Lisa says they have a section just for British import food. Maybe I can find a biscuit Boost bar! I practically lived on them during my year in Scotland, and I totally crave them sometimes! They're a bit similar in concept to Twix, but the cookie/biscuit (basically a shortbread finger) is a much larger percentage of the volume of the bar. It's fabulous.
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