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Apr. 1st, 2011

Today's cat torture (i.e., giving Cobweb subcutaneous fluids) went surprisingly well. Aside from one rather distressing yelp when the needle was first inserted (which I did not take personally, since she made a similar noise when the vet tech did it, too), she mostly just sat there until we were done. Whether it's the subq fluids, the shot of antibiotics, or some combination thereof, Cobweb is definitely behaving more like herself. She seems alert and has been roaming the house more normally; she's been much more social (with us and with the other cats); and she seems more interested in food. It's a relief! And it's easier to do mean things to her (e.g., pilling, subq fluids, etc.) when we see such obvious results. So that is great!

Shannon and I went to the Brazil Cafe (in downtown Berkeley) for dinner tonight, and we both liked it quite a bit. Their menu has a definite emphasis on meat (esp. beef, but also chicken and tuna), but I appreciated the fact that they also serve wheat bread and a number of acceptably fresh (though common) vegetables. Also, the little restaurant (in which one orders at the counter) is charmingly decorated in bright colors and Brazilian cultural themes, with folksy hand-painted tables and not-too-loud Brazilian music. And the menu includes an interesting variety of stuff, and all of it fairly cheap.

I had their tri-tip sandwich, which everyone on Yelp seemed to recommend when reviewing the restaurant, and it was very tasty. As some had warned, it was a bit salty, but I didn't mind it at all. Shannon got a turkey and avocado "panini," which he said was delicious. I was only able to eat half of my gigantic sandwich, so it will feed me another time tomorrow or Sunday. Shannon and I definitely plan to go there again, and next time I plan to order the sandwich I really wanted today but didn't order because I'm still experiencing some congestion issues: the tri-tip sandwich with cheese and pineapple. It sounds bizarre! But I like bizarre sometimes. I'm quite fond of creative food combinations.

Other than that, I mostly slept today. I just couldn't stay awake! I tried to read, tried to find cool e-books online, tried to work on my current art project, and just kept falling asleep. This is ridiculous.

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