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Cobweb's health

Okay, so today was my birthday, and maybe I'll write about that later, but right now I'm worried about Cobweb.

For the past few days, she's been acting funny. For a couple weeks now, she's been showing less interest in food, but she still seemed to be eating a reasonable amount when repeatedly tempted by a wide variety of different dining options. But the last few days have been more worrisome.

I'm not drawing any anthropomorphizational conclusions, but she's exhibiting a lot of behaviors I recognize from when I was severely depressed:

- She's socially withdrawn. She spends most of her time in the guest room, which is our quietest, least disturbed place, the room least frequented by other members of the household. When Munchkin (her sister) bathes her when they're together, Cobweb tolerates it but does not return the favor as she normally does enthusiastically. She still comes to sit on my lap in the living room most evenings, but she doesn't stay long and wanders away.

- She's lethargic. She's mostly just lying around the house, rarely going anywhere or doing anything. When I call her name, she lifts her head and seems attentive, but she doesn't change her position or anything. She doesn't get up and come to me, even when I'm offering food.

- She doesn't seem very interested in food. In the past few days, she doesn't seem to be eating much at all. Shannon has been having trouble getting her to eat even her most beloved treats (including her tasty tasty liver-flavored medicated chews). When we give her something particularly exciting, she eats a few bites and then walks away.

- She seems sorta ... dazed. Intellectually, she doesn't seem all there right now. When she isn't sleeping, she sometimes just stands in random locations and stares blankly into space as if she doesn't know what it was that she was doing.

In addition, she seems to be having even more trouble moving than she was before. Not just walking, but just finding a comfortable position in which to sit or lie down. She moves gingerly and awkwardly. And I don't think I've seen her successfully jump onto the bed in weeks.

So Shannon and I are feeling concerned and frustrated, as it's hard to watch someone you care about not doing well, when you don't know what to do to help. I plan to phone the vet tomorrow to tell her what's going on and ask her opinion. If there's nothing we can do, then okay. We'll make her as comfortable as we can. But if there *is* something we can do, we'd like to know.

Cobweb's health deteriorated rapidly back in September 2009, and at the time we were fairly certain that she wasn't going to make it to the end of the year. So right now I'm just happy that we've had all this extra time with her, time during which she has seemed healthy and happy. I want things to be as good for her as possible, but I'm also -- from a purely selfish standpoint -- glad she's stuck around.

I'm still crossing my fingers that tomorrow morning she'll wake up, snap out of her funk, and be her old self again. Poor baby. I wonder what's going on in that little walnut-sized brain.
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