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The good news: my health is tons better today. I go whole minutes without coughing! And my aches are gone! And my stuffy nose ... um ... well, it's still stuffed up, but I no longer feel claustrophobic within my own skull! And I had the energy to do hours of housework! Huzzah!

The bad news: an Internet friend had to put her much beloved cat Stubby to sleep today. Okay, so I've never met this cat, but he looked a lot like Cobweb, and he had incredible heaps and loads of personality. She posted funny pictures of him frequently, and in fact that's what first led me to friendship with her. So it might not make any sense and more rational people might make fun of me, but this kitty's death makes me very sad.

Mr. Stubbins, my always adorable Internet friend. RIP. Mr. Stubbins, my always adorable Internet friend. RIP.

Okay, have you ever seen that scene in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (excellent movie), in which our heroes (thieves) are trapped in a cage and bad guys (drug dealers) are shooting them in random body parts and the guys who get shot are complaining about it ... and then the lead thief guy grumbles, "Could everyone stop getting shot?!"? That's how I feel today. I don't want anyone else, of any species, to ever die ever. So take good care of yourselves, okay?

To cheer myself up, I will embed a YouTube video of that scene in LSaTSB:

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