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Well, if I'm going to be knocked flat on my back for days on end, at least it's happening when the weather mostly sucks, and so I'm not itching to get outside. If I'm going to lay around coughing all day, it's rather nice to hear raindrops on the windows while I'm at it.

My symptoms don't seem to be improving yet, so I've canceled my plans with Lisa tomorrow. Boo.

My predictions for my day tomorrow include sleeping, coughing, blowing my nose, eating food that does not contain dairy, and maybe watching fun movies -- like Go or Empire Records or Serenity or So I Married An Axe Murderer or The Full Monty -- that I've seen before, and so will not tax my brain too much or cause me consternation if I fall asleep repeatedly while watching them. Maybe the Bourne trilogy! They're always good for a lark. I'm a big Jason Bourne fan.

Shannon and I have watched a couple more episodes of Justified now, and it's really knocking my socks off ... in an I've never seen anything like this kind of way. I'm surprised I haven't heard people talking about it more, because it's really quite innovative. It reminds me a little bit of Pulp Fiction, in the combination of serious drama sorta woven together with unexpected comedy, the stretches of seemingly inane dialogue when something else is going on beneath the surface, the tacit awareness of tropes and stereotypes and the skewing of such. It certainly doesn't seem like a mainstream hit show, but it's definitely my kind of thing. Of course, maybe my brain is so high on Nyquil that even "Alf" would impress me with its subtlety and craft.

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