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New icon: Mom and me in the Loire Valley (Sept. 1994)

Awwww ... I made a new icon with a photo of my mom and me in the Loire Valley (France) in 1994. (I was 24.) We're on top of the Chateau d'Amboise, with the Loire River stretching behind us. Good memories!

Whenever I think about that 1994 trip, though, I think about trudging and trudging and trudging to the top of Mont St.-Michel. I was young and relatively fit, but that climb really wore me out! I mean ... it's like a steep little mountain ("mont") sticking up out of the ocean floor!

I think Mont St.-Michel is far more beautiful from a distance than close up, anyway.

Anyway, I realized recently that I didn't have any icons of my mom, so this had to be remedied!
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