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Rain rain rain rain rain. And then, in the dark of the evening, some rather impressive thunder and lightning. And then ... hail! Holy moly! We often get hail in the Bay Area in March, but it's still always surprising.

While I was out walking this morning, my umbrella got blown inside-out half a dozen times, and I was only walking for about 10 minutes! I became very annoyed. So when I got home I ordered this umbrella, and I'd like to see the wind blow this one inside-out! Just go ahead and try, you wascally winds, you!

I slept and slept and slept today. Shannon and I have decided that the Great Guest Room Sleeping Experiment of 2011 is not having the anticipated result, which was me sleeping better at night and therefore sleeping less during the day. I started sleeping in the guest room on March 7, so it's been about a week and a half, and I'm ready to proclaim the experiment a failure. I'm moving back into the bedroom tonight, where I will once again be able to enjoy the warm and affectionate company of a husband and three cats. Yay! Still sleeping during the day! Boo! It may be time to contact the sleep specialist again. Sigh.

Tonight's Netflix spotlight: "Justified"

Tonight Shannon and I watched the pilot episode of "Justified," and I thought it was a rather odd show. We initially became interested in it because it stars Timothy Olyphant, who we both really admired in the tv series "Deadwood" (see the icon I've used for this entry) and the movie "Go" (I thought he was one of the hottest guys ever when he played the drug dealer in "Go."), and Walton Goggins, who was amazing in "The Shield."

"Justified" is well written, well acted, and well directed; it is set in an interesting culture that is largely unfamiliar to me (rural modern Kentucky); and it sneaks in some understated humor here and there, which I always appreciate. But the show, as a whole, is very understated, which is strange to say of a show that includes people being shot, buildings being blown up, etc. There's a certain minimalism to much of the dialogue, a sense of complicated emotions and thoughts that are not being overtly expressed. I kinda like that, actually, but it's unlike most other shows I've watched. Not necessarily a bad thing. We'll watch more and see.
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