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8.9 earthquakes freak me out. I always imagine what it would be like if it happened here. I've grown up my whole life experiencing earthquakes, but I've never been in an earthquake that big, thank goodness. Today's tsunami did cause some damage along the coast of California and Oregon, and one person in northern California was washed out to sea and killed, but that only makes it more obvious to me how horrible the damage must be in Japan, if we're experiencing such effects of the earthquake this far away!

Lovely weather today, but rather cold. I went for a walk around the campus in the morning, and even the squirrels seemed to be thinking about hibernation.

Shannon and I assembled a coat/hat rack tonight, and it now stands in our foyer, bulky with coats. The foyer isn't heated, so I suppose this means we'll be putting on *cold* garments when leaving the house, but we'll see how it goes.

When Shannon and I got our bikes out of the garage (woo hoo! garage!) this evening to bike to dinner, Shannon noted that his helmet was freezing cold. Poor man with no hair! I have perhaps the thickest hair in the world, so my head is pretty much immune to the cold.

We watched the Season 2 finale of "Chuck" tonight, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. That show cracks me up. I'm very glad that I happened to see (and enjoy) a random episode on a flight home from Hawaii a few years ago, as that encouraged me to watch it from the beginning from Netflix. I suppose this is why tv shows sometimes allow airlines to show their episodes.

We're continuing along with Zelazny's Amber series, moving on to The Guns of Avalon tonight. I'm still liking the series, though I preferred the beginning section of the first book, in which there was more interaction between modern world and fantasy world. I liked that tension.

I kept falling asleep over and over today, and I'm sure it was because I was reading Franzen's Freedom. Not that the novel is boring, but just that reading seems to put me to sleep right now. But my book club is going to be discussing Freedom next week (only a few days away!), so I'm trying to finish it. I think I have maybe 150-200 pages to go.

I also did a lot of researching today re: things to do with my mom and brother when they visit this summer. Things that interest my brother mostly bore my mom, and things that interest my mom mostly bore my brother, so it's a difficult dance to perform, keeping them both entertained. But, for example, I figure one day we can drop my brother off at the East Bay Vivarium, where he can check out all the snakes and lizards and such while I take my mom to nearby 4th Street to look at funky, cutesy shops. Or drop him off at the Metreon while I take Mom to the MOMA. Unfortunately, my mom pretty much won't do stuff by herself, so I end up spending more time with her than with Alan, but at least that way he won't be too bored. I asked Lisa if she might be interested in going with us to the Chabot Space and Science Center, because I think we might all enjoy that (maybe Shannon might even want to come). And maybe I can do things with Alan in the evening, since Mom "turns into a pumpkin" when the sun goes down. Maybe we can go to a movie, hang out at a cafe, watch something on tv here at our house, play some board games, etc. I really want them both to have a good time ... without driving me crazy. :)
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