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Today I put up a garland of ivy and white fairy lights around the window in front of my desk, and every time I look at it, I smile and feel happy. It's especially nice when I go elsewhere in the house, and then reenter my office when the main lights are off, and I see the tiny lights shining in the relative darkness. Who says Christmas lights are just for Christmas? (Okay, so Shannon says that, but I meant it as a rhetorical question.)

I went to visit the vampires today. And by "vampires" I mean "phlebotomists." A very nice woman (who always seems very happy) drew my blood, and it wasn't traumatic at all. It's strange to think that once upon a time blood draws were nightmarish experiences for me and often involved fainting. Now I'm just like, "Ho hum. Your needles scare me not!"

I hung around the house almost aaaaalllll day afterward, waiting for the darn plumber to call, because he'd said he would call when he was on his way to check out our sewer pipe issue, but he never called. Those pesky, perfidious plumber types! So I called the plumbing company, and they said they'd have him call me, so I'm expecting to hear from him tomorrow. If I don't hear from him in the morning, I'll call the office and give them my cell phone number, so that I can go roaming. Of course, I've never actually used my cell phone (iPhone) as a *phone* before -- though I've listened to music, listened to audiobooks, taken pictures, and watched videos -- but I imagine I can figure out the technology. I mean, sure, I grew up with rotary dial phones with spiral cords (link supplied for you young'uns who have never seen such an archaic device -- you know, we used to use typewriters, too! even manual typewriters sometimes!), but these newfangled gadgets certainly have their advantages.

Well, being stuck in the house (almost) all day meant I got a lot of boring housework done, so that's a plus.

I've started listening to Jasper Fforde's The Fourth Bear, the second in his series of "Nursery Crime" novels. It's pretty much as clever as his other books, so I'm enjoying it quite a bit. It certainly makes the housework go faster.

We watched "Survivor" tonight, and I was mightily amused by the uncontrollable sobbing of the contestant who got kicked out. Ah ... my old friend schadenfreude. I suppose it isn't nice to revel in the pain of another person, even someone despicable, but sometimes I can't help it. The Dalai Lama would not approve of this in me. But, you know, I figure the Dalai Lama is unlikely to ever be in a position to evaluate my life. But the little Dalai Lama in my heart says that laughing at losers on "Survivor" isn't very compassionate.

I also watched "Top Chef" tonight, and it was the first time I've ever seen a kitchen fire on the show! It was pretty exciting, in the "Oh no!" sense of the word. Grease fires, especially in large amounts of oil, are hella scary! All the chefs' complex food -- which they had spent hours preparing and which was almost ready to serve -- was ruined, and they had to start all over again immediately and work through the night. In this case, I felt no schadenfreude, and I was very glad that no one was hurt. (One season on "Survivor," a contestant leaned too far over their campfire, and the smoke caused him to lose consciousness, and he fell into the fire. I'm sure it was traumatic for him, as his hands were severely damaged, but it was also -- to a much lesser extent -- traumatic for those of us watching at home with no way to help!)

The Sleep Experiment (which involves me sleeping in the guest room, away from Shannon, the cats, and the noisy street) continues. I find that I am dreaming a lot more, which Shannon theorizes means that I am sleeping more deeply. I'm not sure if I've been less sleepy during the day, but we're going to continue the experiment for a while and see what happens. I miss sleeping with Shannon and the kitty cats, but I do think I'm sleeping better. Still, my cost/benefit analysis would probably lead to me sleeping with the other warm-blooded members of the household anyway. You gotta think about priorities.
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