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Pretty Tiles from Tunis

Shannon and I received some beautiful ceramic tiles from Tunis as a wedding gift (lo, these many years ago), but they required some work on our part and I never got around to it, and so I'm only now finally dealing with them.

During transport from Tunis in our friend's luggage, both pieces were broken. One of them (the larger of the two, which is composed of six separate tiles) was already glued to a cardboard backing, and so didn't need any "surgical" attention, but the other one needed some Super Glueing, which I did a couple days ago. Now I'm ready to hang these tiles up on the wall, and I find myself hesitating again, because I certainly don't want to hang them incorrectly and end up with nothing but Tunisian ceramic shards all over the floor!

The single tile work (a Hand of Fatima, see image below lj-cut) should be easy to hang now that it's repaired. That one is not the problem. But the larger, multi-tile piece is very heavy and has no obvious method of mounting it on the wall. I've been doing lots of online research to find out how one should best hang ceramic tiles, but the info I've found hasn't been particularly helpful. I'm considering buying a wire "plate hanger" (like those available on this website), since something like that would support the tiles from underneath, which seems wise to me. I wouldn't be using the hanger for its precise intended purpose, but I think it might be okay.

But it occurred to me that I have a number of artsy-craftsy-DIY friends, so I was wondering if y'all had any advice.

And, even if you don't have advice, check out the pretty pictures under the cut!

Multi-tile artwork from Tunis Multi-tile artwork from Tunis
12" wide x 18" tall, and quite heavy (and backed with cardboard, presumably to keep all the tiles in place), this piece of art is presenting me with a bit of a challenge, now that I want to hang it on the wall.
Hand of Fatima tile from Tunis Hand of Fatima tile from Tunis
This single tile should be easy to hang, because it has a little loop thing on the back for that purpose. Also, it is smaller and not so heavy, and so less likely to come crashing down and shatter into a bazillion Humpty Dumpty-type bits.

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