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Aha! I finally got out there and took some photos of the garage! And while I was at it, I took some random other photos, too, just to share my life with y'all a bit. So here goes!

Garage door Garage door
Garage interior Garage interior
Notice the bike racks! No one should be able to break into our garage, but even if they do they'll find our bikes locked up. Also notice: our garage is teeny teeny tiny! Barely big enough for a car. But we don't have a car, anyway.
Garage exterior Garage exterior

Socks! Socks!
These are the socks I'm wearing today. They have fish on them that look like the fish I drew when I was a kid. At the top of the socks, where you can't see in this picture, it says, "smile - be happy." And, indeed, these socks make me happy.

Pollarded tree on the UC Berkeley campus Pollarded tree on the UC Berkeley campus
These funky-looking trees are all over the UCB campus, and they're plentiful in San Francisco, as well (especially in the Civic Center Plaza). I think they look like troll trees -- though many of them just look like they are raising angry fists into the air -- but apparently the weird lumpiness is caused by aggressive pruning. I read about it on some random, very interesting webpage.
Strawberry Creek (swollen with rain) on the UC Berkeley campus Strawberry Creek (swollen with rain) on the UC Berkeley campus
Strawberry Creek winds through much of the UCB campus, goes underground in some places, and resurfaces in unexpected places elsewhere in the city. For example, there was quite a bit of Strawberry Creek visible where Shannon and I used to live in North Berkeley. I always stop to admire the creek (or "crick," as my father would have said) when I'm walking on the campus.
Path on the west side of the UC Berkeley campus, heading toward downtown Berkeley Path on the west side of the UC Berkeley campus, heading toward downtown Berkeley
I've always loved this particular stretch of path, so I decided to take a photo of it this morning. There are lots and lots of squirrels in this area, and they run right up to you, utterly fearless, to beg for food. Today I gave them some salted sunflower seeds while expressing my hopes that they would not end up with high blood pressure due to the sodium. Poor little hypertensive fuzzballs!

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