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Buffy Thoughts: "Get It Done"

Spike Stuff

Woo hoo! He's wearing the coat! He's smoking cigarettes! He's kicking some ass and making smart-ass remarks while loving it! He's Spike again! How many of us have been complaining that we missed the snark this season? The snark is back! Long live the snark!

Spuffy Stuff

Woo hoo! Buffy told it straight, smacked him around, and said, "Enough with the Wimpy Weeping William Show!" She sent Spike to regain a lost part of himself: his demon-y goodness. She likes the bad-ass as much as we all do. I mean, who wouldn't prefer a snarky souled Spike to a weepy souled Spike?

What I liked the best about this bit, though, is that Spike has now regained something that his evil rival doesn't have: demon-ness. Buffy wanted it. Buffy needs it. Spike's got it. Wood doesn't. Now that Spike's a bad-ass again, he could take my-mommy-was-a-Slayer-and-now-I'm-a-Principal Wood any day of the week.

Principal Wood Stuff

I'm convinced he's evil. Yeah, we've seen that The First was attempting to manipulate him in the form of his mother, and he seemed to be resisting it except for the ultra-tasty temptation of Spike-the-mommy-killer. I'm convinced there's more to it than just that. I mean, hey, he's been sitting on the bidet of evil!

I don't trust Wood any further than I could throw him ... and he's pretty big, and I have no upper body strength. Plus, he's a fictional character, so I couldn't throw him anyway. So that tells you how much I trust him.

Other Stuff

Okay, so The Three Wise Men offered Buffy some frankincense and myrrh and told her that her power stems from demon stuff. She said something along the lines of "Ew! No thanks!" At least now we have some indication (if The Three Wise Men are to be believed) of the long-suspected demon-y source of the Slayer power. That's cool.

And at least one of the minis got killed this week. Maybe we can hope for a higher kill ratio next episode. Because excuse me if I think they look less than useless, out there doing their little tai chi exercises. Unless Buffy can use the girlies as weapons, like when she threw Andrew into the Bringers.

Thus spake Kimberly.
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