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I'm *loving* Nine Princes in Amber. I think I may be enjoying it more than any other book Shannon and I have read aloud together over the years. (Though Shannon did amazing voices for the rabbits in Watership Down.)

On audio, I've been listening to Jasper Fforde's The Big Over Easy, and it's been a lot of fun. Silly, but fun. I'm a big Jasper Fforde fan.

I did a lot of boring housework today, slept a lot, ran some errands, and just generally bustled around. Shannon is in the final few days of writing a book (about the history of the role-playing industry) which needs to go to the publisher on Tuesday, so I haven't been seeing much of him. He takes breaks for meals and not much else. But I've always been pretty satisfied with just my own company (when I was in high school, I remember thinking that I would be well-suited to become a hermit or a nun), especially if there are books around, so I don't mind. I know I'll get him back soon. We're planning to get dinner out on Tuesday to celebrate ... assuming that the book is actually done, which I'm sure it will be.

I have a metal sign I bought in London many many years ago, which Shannon doesn't like and so which has not been put on a wall for as long as I've been living with him (about 11 years?). I'm not even sure I had it up before that, as I was living in an apartment with Katherine and so didn't have an entire apartment to myself to decorate.

Anyway, the sign reads:
London & North
Western Rly

It is forbidden for vagrants,
beggars, itinerant musicians
and females of doubtful
reputation to enter these premises.
May 1901 - By order
I've always been amused by the phrases "itinerant musicians" and "females of doubtful reputation," so the sign has always made me smile. Of course, the makers of the sign were not proponents of my beloved serial comma, and that is a bit distracting, but I can get past it.

Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to hang this sign up again. It's been sitting, propped up, on a book shelf in my office for a long time, but it deserves more respect than that. So I'm planning to hang it up tomorrow on the door to my office. I'd do it now, but (having spent almost my entire childhood living in apartments) I have an outdated queasiness about hammering nails at midnight. I might disturb someone!

Back in the days when I had it on my wall, I always joked that perhaps I should not be permitted to enter my own apartment, given that some might consider me a "female of doubtful reputation." Ha.

Tomorrow morning our garage door is being installed, and Ting (the contractor who's been handling the garage project in general) has said he plans to come over, just to make sure everything goes okay. He's so responsible! He's fabulous.

After tomorrow, there will be one more day of work on the garage. Wow! I can't believe it! For a while there, it looked like it would never happen! It's terribly exciting. I keep meaning to take photos to post here, but I always forget.
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