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Jeffrey Dahmer and Boo Radley and van Gogh and Hitler and apartheid and sati and cults and *you*

Everyone is talking about how cold it's been today. Admittedly, it's been colder than is usual around here, but still the low temp was only around 40. *scoffs* I didn't even have to wear my warmest coat.

Lisa and I had a mini-adventure today, taking the bus out of our normal lunching area (the Gourmet Ghetto) to go to Rick & Ann's. I don't make it over there very often, because the wait is almost always long, but I really like their creative, unusual, and yet homey food (for example, today I had the "Yukon Gold Plate," the star of which is the "vegetarian hash with sweet & white potatoes, sweet bell peppers, corn and apples" -- it isn't something I've ever seen at another restaurant!). The restaurant is actually not a terribly long walk from my house, but it's in a direction I don't often go, so it usually doesn't occur to me. I think the last time I was there was with Katherine & Jay & Co. for my 40th birthday. It was very nice to go there again, and Lisa and I had a very nice lunch. We got a little cold while waiting at bus stops along the way, but we are hardy souls. She's from Chicago, after all.

Shannon says it's weird to include "serial killers" among my interests on Facebook. But I'm interested in psychology, and what makes other people do the things they do, and how other people see the world, and serial killers are just one extreme end of the multi-dimensional spectrum. I'm also interested in autism. And fictional stories like Meet Joe Black. And the people who walk past me on the sidewalk, with their invisible stories surrounding them like ghostly auras. And the people who write the books I read. And the characters they create. My interest in serial killers is not about violence; it's about trying to understand what the world looks like through other eyes radically different from my own.

But yeah. I'm interested in serial killers. Fear me!
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