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Mostly about "Dexter"

I ate pretty healthily today. I used to drink a lot of juice (only 100% juice, though -- none of that sweetened crap), but lately I'm trying to eat fruit instead when I'm craving that sweet/tart taste. We have a few different kinds of applesauce in the fridge (again, no sugar or corn syrup added), and they make for a very convenient snack. I'm particularly fond of the pomegranate one. I'm not much fond of pomegranate as a taste by itself, but I sometimes quite like it when it's mixed with other fruits/juices.

I watched the first episode of Dexter today, and it seems like a very Kimberly kind of show: a bit of mystery/crime solving, a bit of psychology, deep character development, a bit of non-linear storytelling, some subtle dark humor, intelligent writing, creative directing, and believable acting. An honestly well-meaning and outwardly genial guy with sociopathic homicidal tendencies channels his relentless urges into the hunting and killing of bad guys who've escaped the justice system. Quite a few of the cast members are very familiar and beloved from other shows I've watched:

Michael C. Hall (the gay brother from "Six Feet Under") plays Dexter, the main character.

Julie Benz (Darla from "Buffy" and "Angel") plays Dexter's girlfriend.

Lauren Vélez (the much-stalked lady doctor from "OZ") plays Dexter's police lieutenant boss.

David Zayas (Puerto Rican mobster type Enrique Morales from "OZ") plays a friendly detective.

Erik King (another "OZ" alumnus who played a character I don't really remember, Moses Deyell) plays a hard-ass cop with deep suspicions about Dexter's creepiness.

C. S. Lee (the creepy Buy More employee Harry Tang on "Chuck," but also a doctor on "The Sopranos") plays a lab tech.

My favorite character thus far, though, is Dexter's deceased foster father (played by James Remar, who's been in lots of stuff, including appearances as the Salvatore papa a few times on "The Vampire Diaries"), who we see in flashbacks, who was a cop who recognized the signs of Dexter's predilections when D was still a kid, and dealt with the emerging and inevitable problem in an unconventional way. He's like this really twisted Obi-Wan Kenobi figure. He rocks.
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