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Wow. Canned cat food smells *nasty*. Ugh. But Cobweb has been having serious appetite issues, so we're trying pretty much everything. We alternate between 3 different types of wet food and 2 different types of dry food. It's gotten ridiculous!

The garage door will be installed on Monday, and then all that remains are the final touches (second coat of paint, face plates on the electrical boxes, etc.) and the city inspection. I am hoping we'll finally be using our garage sometime next week!

Today Shannon and I talked about my daytime sleeping issue -- which continues to be a major problem -- and we decided to try something he's been suggesting for a while: me sleeping in our guest room (which is on the quieter side of the house, facing someone's yard instead of a noisy street of late-night drunk college students), apart from him (he snores, hogs blankets, and sometimes shouts out seemingly random sentences, presumably related to whatever he's dreaming about), and apart from the cats (who frequently wake me up by climbing on me or lying down right in between my face and Shannon's and then purring like tiny outboard motors). This way, we can test a number of variables at once:

1. Does Shannon keep me from sleeping well?
2. Do the cats keep me from sleeping well?
3. Does the street noise keep me from sleeping well?
4. Does our bed for some reason keep me from sleeping well? (We had a futon before, and that's what's in the guest room.)

I've been hesitant about taking this step, because the idea of sleeping in a separate room from Shannon makes me sad. And the prospect of shutting out the cats makes me sad, too, though to a lesser degree. I don't like the symbolism of me sleeping in the guest room -- even though I know rationally why we're doing it, it still feels icky emotionally. My lizard brain does not like it. But I'll give it a try, because this daytime sleeping is a pain in the ass!

And I guess I can sleep with my Hobbesish stuffed tiger (who I call "Sasha" -- after the very cute bartender in Casablanca -- but who Shannon insists on calling "Chauncey" for some bizarre reason -- back when I had other stuffed animals, he called them *all* by his own alternative names. He's weird.). So I will have *something* to cuddle with.

Shannon also asked if the distance I walk to/from the bathroom at night might be a factor, as it is basically as far away from the bedroom as it is possible to get in our house. We have an upstairs bathroom -- right next to our bedroom -- but we haven't really used it in years because of problems with the sink. (It is generally referred to as "the cat bathroom," because that's where the litter boxes are.) So I called a plumber, and he's going to come by tomorrow and look at our upstairs sink and (if the quote is not too high) fix it for us. So then I'll be able to use the *upstairs* bathroom. I can't even remember when that was last the case!

Our house is gradually getting back into shape after years of neglect. It's almost like we're responsible adults or something!

It's supposed to start raining again tomorrow, followed by a prediction of "a chance of snow at sea level" on Friday/Saturday. Craziness!
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