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Our garage now has a sheet rock ceiling, as well as a first coat of paint on the entire outside. A garage door guy is coming tomorrow morning to talk to me and give us a quote. It's so exciting! The end is nigh!

In the afternoon, I walked about 2.4 miles to the Rockridge branch of the Oakland Public Library, because they are holding a book for me. Of course, when I got there, the damn place was CLOSED, despite the fact that I had *checked* their hours on the website. An impromptu sign in the window said that they were closed for President's Day, but dude! President's Day was YESTERDAY! Sheesh! This library has been closed half the times I've gone to it, even though I've always gone during their official hours of service.

So I may be walking up there again tomorrow, after my appointment with the garage door guy. I don't have any other plans, and the exercise would be good for me. And I need to pick up the book before they stop holding it for me.

During my walk to Rockridge, I stopped by the Trader Joe's on College Ave., and was rather excited to discover that they're carrying granola bars again! Not only that, but they're carrying the same granola bars I used to buy (a year or so ago, before they discontinued the whole line), which are these lovely sweet/savory/tart concoctions made with rolled oats, dried cranberries, almonds, chocolate chips, peanuts, and cashews. Yum! I'm so glad TJ's is carrying them again! They taste completely decadent to me, and yet aren't too unhealthy.

I've discovered a new lunch I like. I love to have a whole wheat bagel with sharp cheddar cheese at lunch, but I like to also have something acidic when I eat cheese, so I usually go for juice. But the past couple days, I've been having a bagel w/cheese and a half-bowl of tomato soup, instead. I think it's probably healthier. More salt, but less sugar. And it's tasty!

I've eaten no sweets today, and it wasn't difficult at all. In fact, I had planned to have some rice pudding when Shannon was reading aloud tonight (We've just begun Zelazny's Nine Princes in Amber, which I've never read before.), but I just didn't feel like it. (I mostly just wanted to sleeeeeep.) I didn't deprive myself of anything today; I just tried to eat smarter.

In the evening, I got together with my very dear friend Debbie at Mudraker's, a cafe located approximately between our two homes. Neither of us had ever been there before, and we appreciated the comfy, cushy chairs. (I always appreciate comfy, cushy chairs in public places: book stores, libraries, cafes, etc.) Deb and I agreed that we will most likely go there again. I showed up about 20 minutes early and just hung out, reading my Franzen, and it was very pleasant. Some cafes play music too loudly, or have lighting that's too dim, or whatever, but this was great for reading.

Debbie brought with her the last of my Christmas presents: the Mads Langer CD that one of her European friends kindly purchased and sent for me, because it is not available for purchase with dollars anywhere I could determine, even online. Silly Danish singer/songwriter! Sell your stuff in America! We love you here!

Anyway, so now I'm all excited that I have my new Mads Langer CD. Supposedly, he's planning to release a new album internationally soon, so one presumes that one will be a bit less difficult to obtain! I mean, I like his music and everything, but I don't know how many times I would be willing to pay double in order to have a friend of a friend -- on another continent -- buy a CD for me and send it across the ocean!
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