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Tasty goodness?

I have a terrible sweet tooth, always have, and I've been indulging it pretty much without restraint for some time now, resulting in some significant weight gain over the last couple years. There have been times in the past when I went through stages in which the only "sweets" I ate were fruit, but I think right now I need to find some kind of middle ground, rather than trying to jump immediately back to those habits "cold turkey."

So I'm turning to you, my friends, to ask if you have any suggestions for healthier sweets that could satisfy my cravings but not contribute to health and weight problems.

Things I particularly like: pretty much all baked goods (cake, pie, brownies, cookies, muffins, etc.), chocolate, bread pudding, rice pudding, interesting combinations of textures (like ice cream with various crunchy "stuff" in it), cinnamon, nuts (esp. pecans and walnuts), whipped cream, dried fruit (esp. cherries, cranberries, and pears), custard, caramel, coconut, pumpkin, lemon, carrot cake, spike cake, pineapple, citrus, and coffee.

Things I don't like: artificial sweeteners that will give me cancer, yogurt (if I can taste the sourness), raisins, marshmallow, alcohol, cheesecake, meringue (which would probably make me violently ill, anyway, as it's mostly egg white), and mint (except Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies).

Other requests: I'm not looking for anything too elaborate, as I'm not a tremendously experienced cook, and things that freeze well are a bonus (but I don't own an ice cream maker). I'd particularly appreciate ideas that are somehow healthy, such as foods that are high in fiber, foods that contain whole grains, or foods that contain fruit/vegetables. I particularly like stuff that is chewy -- like cookies, cakes, muffins -- because they feel more satisfying than just drinking juice or something.

So, any suggestions? Even the vaguest ideas are welcome, though recipes would be cool, too. Help!

(Now I think I'll go look for healthy carrot cake recipes, because there must be some out there, right?)
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