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Things I'd like to do

Things I'd like to do:

- write a novel I'm proud of
- write a non-fiction book I'm proud of
- visit Athens and Rome to see the ruins
- visit Asia to learn about the diverse cultures (both modern and ancient)
- return to Scotland and once again ride the train north through the Highlands, toward Inverness, with the mossy, lichened rocks stretching into the distance on both sides and a rainbow arching ahead of us through the rain that taps against the train windows
- go to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
- get truly comfortable with my body
- stop judging myself so harshly
- meet wesleysgirl, margarks, ocannie, and wolflady26
- read John Crowley's Ægypt tetralogy
- read the end of Jackson Rayne's (as yet unfinished) "Male Bonding"
- return to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland and see gads of plays
- read every single book that interests me (okay, that's not going to happen - but I can try!)
- cook an artichoke
- go to Singalonga Sound of Music
- understand why everyone else liked "Farscape" so much, when I thought it sucked
- spend Mother's Day with my mom (she lives far away, so this isn't as easy as it once was)
- see They Might Be Giants in concert
- find out what the heck was going to happen next on the tv show "Carnivale"
- go to the SF Pride Parade (I haven't been in several years)
- enter the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest
- see gay marriage legalized federally
- see Joss Whedon win an Oscar
- visit the Orangerie again to see the HUUUGE water lily paintings
- see a true separation between church and state in the U.S.

Okay, so some of those weren't actually things I can *do* myself, but still ...
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