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Mostly food and Vampire Diaries

Tonight Shannon and I went to dinner at Angeline's (a cozy New Orleans-style restaurant in downtown Berkeley), which is where we've gone for Valentine's Day a few times before (e.g., in 2009). We shared an order of their excellent salty/sweet/spicy hush puppies w/honey butter (this appetizer is one of my favorite foods on the planet, and I'd been looking forward to it all week since we made our dinner reservation), then Shannon ordered his usual shrimp po'boy (he says many things on the menu look good, but he knows he loves the po'boy so much that it's hard to pass it up), whereas I ordered one of the specials: blackened sole w/horseradish mashed potatoes and delicious steamed green beans w/parmesan. Usually in the past I have ordered their "Voo Doo Shrimp" (in a spicy bbq sauce), but today I thought I'd try something different. The "blackened sole" tasted mostly like "blackened" and less like "sole," and it wasn't very spicy (which is probably a good thing, since I'm a spice wimp), but I enjoyed it a lot. I'm always excited to get to try something new.

After dinner, we were *stuffed* (I had to bring home some of my mashed potatoes and green beans, which will be very tasty for lunch tomorrow), so we didn't order dessert, but Shannon suggested that we go to the grocery store and buy ourselves something to have *later*, once we had digested a bit. So Shannon chose a "triple-chocolate cake" (because I am less picky about desserts and so let him choose, knowing that I would like whatever he wanted), and when we sat down to have some around 9 p.m., Shannon set out our "napkins" (actually paper towels, 'cause our house is *way* formal and elegant), and when I sat down I saw that Shannon had folded and formed mine into the shape of a heart. Awwww! Shannon's usually quite averse to sappy gestures, so I was very surprised and charmed. I'm so easy to please. :)

One time, we're talking several years ago, I was working at a temp job and had packed my lunch in advance, and when it got to be my lunch break I found a little love note from Shannon in my brown paper bag. Awwww! Yes, I still remember and swoon over that, even after several years. :)

The Vampire Diaries

Earlier in the day, while Shannon was working, I slept a lot, but I also finally caught up on "The Vampire Diaries," as I had fallen a couple weeks behind and kept hoarding the episodes until the *optimal* time to watch them, when I would not be interrupted, when I was not too sleepy, etc. I really loved both episodes ("Daddy Issues" and "Crying Wolf"), and I felt like they were chock full o' chemistry between lots of different characters ... well, mostly other characters with Caroline. I now totally understand why so many people have been writing Stefan/Caroline fic (though the Damon/Caroline stuff still puzzles me, because I don't see any chemistry there), because he looked at her veeerrrry affectionately a few times. And I ended up just *loving* the interaction and tension between Tyler and Caroline in the last several episodes -- all the trust and betrayal and hurt and compassion and connection -- and I was heartbroken when he decided to skip town with Evil Jules the Indiscriminately and Unapologetically Homicidal She-Wolf. I do hope we'll see him again. Tyler's character growth over the course of two seasons has fascinated me. He was such a jerk at the beginning!

Stefan/Elena made me yawn, as is usually the case, though I was liking Stefan more than usual in these episodes. He had a certain recklessness that appeals to me. I was surprised by his "let's talk about the elephant in the room re: our future" remark he made at the lake house, because it sounded like he might actually be willing to turn Elena eventually, and (based on his boringly noble Twilighty Edwardness in the past) I would have expected him to be all self-sacrificing and "I know what's best for you" and "Oh, Elena, you must live your human life" and blah blah blah. I find it kind of refreshing and charmingly selfish of him to (possibly) want to keep her with him. Of course, I'm making a lot of assumptions based on one very vague, indirect remark.

And what was up with the thigh-high black-leather hooker boots Elena was wearing at the lake house? She doesn't usually dress quite that trampily, and the footwear seemed rather elaborate for a relaxing lake-side getaway. Of course, if you're going away on a romantic lake-side getaway with your vampire boyfriend, I guess thigh-high black-leather leather hooker boots might be appropriate attire. Perhaps she planned on wearing them with little else when they retired to the bedroom. Yes, now that I think about it, it all makes sense. I don't think they were so appropriate for sneaking around, up and down uncarpeted stairs, while pursued by werewolves intent on killing her, though. But that wasn't really part of the plan for the little outing, as far as I know.

And I may be biased, but I think those sexy boots might be more appropriate attire for a getaway with *Damon* than with boring ol' Stefan. Stefan doesn't really strike me as a black leather kinda guy.

I'd been spoiled for Damon's new "girlfriend," of course, as people in some TVD communities had posted the photo of her with Damon (the one Ian had Tweeted a few weeks ago) without bothering to put it under an lj-cut, and I was a bit put-out at the prospect, as it seemed to cheapen his so-recently-declared feelings for Elena, but I like how they're doing it. Damon can't just sit around moping all the time (at least, not *overtly*), and this relationship gives him someone to talk to (even if he has to compel her to forget afterward), someone to have sex with, someone to feed on (even if he has to compel her to forget afterward), and basically someone pretty to have fun with who isn't drooling over his brother. But I think the main reason I'm actually liking this development is because of one moment, after Damon and Andie's first night together, when she was leaving the house, when Damon pulled her aside and *compelled* her to believe that she was falling for him, because that is just SAD. That's just PATHETIC. Poor Damon! And I think his actions in these two episodes were about not only Elena but also Rose. (And Rose's death in a previous episode had me totally weeping, by the way. I couldn't believe how much I came to like her so quickly!) He basically gave up on the woman he loved, and then had to kill his only real friend ... all in the space of a couple weeks (though the passing of time on this show is never entirely clear to me). That's gotta suck. He must feel so alone.

So now I've blasted my way through my accumulated TVD episodes and no longer have any in reserve! Well, if I get too desperate, I can always watch the Season 1 DVDs I got for Christmas. :)
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