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The garage saga continues! Our garage now has a proper roof. The roofers were here most of the day yesterday, making a great deal of noise and using rather impressive flame-throwers. Flame throwers are cool! Or, rather, hot.

All that remains:
- sheet rock on the ceiling inside (for fire safety)
- city inspections
- very brief finishing of the electrical
- garage door

I had a black bean burger (from Bongo Burger) for dinner last night, and at first I had trouble getting used to the texture (mushier than a beef or turkey burger), but eventually I decided that I really liked it. The slightly spicy flavor was really good! And I assume it was way healthier than any burger made with meat.

I hung out with Lisa today, as usual, and she is feeling a bit down. She's had a very bad cold for almost 3 weeks, and it has been keeping her at home in bed most of the time. The lack of energy and life events has been leaving her quite blah. She says she's even been having trouble working up the gumption to play World of Warcraft. Holy moly!

But we had lunch and played some Dominion and talked talked talked. She's a very talented computer programmer, and right now at work she's working on studying human English grammar in an effort to write a program that will allow her company's software to interact with users in common English. So today (and last week) she was chock full of past participles and conditional perfect continuouses and verb phrases and determiners and implied passives and who knows what all. Eventually, I told her, "I've never met anyone who wanted to talk about grammar more than I do, but I think I've met my match. You're making my head hurt." So then we talked about penis size and kinds of humor and methods for dealing with dry skin. It was fascinating. She strayed back toward grammar once or twice, but I quickly herded her in another direction.

I love Lisa to pieces. If I could carry her around with me in my pocket all the time, I might just do that. I think I have a big ol' girly platonic crush on her these days. She's just one of the coolest people alive. She's a huge Tom Stoppard fan; she arranges the books on her bookshelves by *color*; she is a mathematical logician (with a Ph.D.) and often does complicated math in her spare time for fun; she watches tremendous amounts of anime, and has begun teaching herself to read Japanese due to this interest; she loves to go for long walks in San Francisco; she loves spicy food and puts Tabasco sauce on french fries, eggs, hash, and many other dishes; in fact, two entire shelves in her fridge are taken up by about a gazillion bottles of different hot sauces; she loves sour tastes and usually has halved/squeezed lemons and limes sitting around in her kitchen sink; she has a magic wand that controls her tv, DVD player, living room lights, etc.; she's like MacGyver and can fix almost anything with a paper clip, a stick of chewing gum, and a magnet; she almost always wears purple, and most of her furniture, towels, etc. are purple too; almost all of her shoes are black, even though I've never seen her wear black clothes; she drinks a very large amount of coffee, and at home she uses a very fancy and mad-scientist-looking vacuum coffee maker; she's from Illinois; she eats out almost every day and the wait staff in all her local restaurants know her by sight; she doesn't consider herself a "people person," but she is very kind, considerate, compassionate, and sensitive; but I'm rambling. In short, Lisa rocks. The end.

Today on my walk to Lisa's house, I started listening to Jasper Fforde's The Big Over Easy, which is about two detectives in an alternate universe (very similar to the world from his Tuesday Next series) trying to solve the mystery of Humpty Dumpty's death. Was it suicide? An accident? Or murder? I adore Fforde's Tuesday Next books -- his absurd sense of humor coincides pretty much perfectly with mine -- so I'm looking forward to this. I've only listened to maybe an hour of it so far, but I like it a lot.

Tomorrow: Himalayan food (at Taste of the Himalayas) for dinner with the in-laws (maternal side) to celebrate my BIL Jason's birthday. It will be nice to see everyone, and I love an excuse to eat out. :)
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