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The high temp today was around 80 degrees! The magnolias and cherry blossoms are blooming all over the place, all white and pink and purple. It's gorgeous. The appearance of the first cherry blossoms is one of my notable events each year. (It happened a bit more than a week ago, if I remember correctly.)

I've started reading Johnny Weir's autobiography, and it's putting me off a bit. I mean, he's writing his own story, so it's a bit disconcerting when (in a description of a particular scene) he describes his own hand as "well-manicured," or (in another scene) he describes his own skin as "translucent." But the story is still interesting, so I'm continuing on. (But it would be nice if someone could be really self-confident and outgoing without being an egomaniac.)

This morning Shannon and I biked down to the dog park (at Point Isabel), and it was *packed* with dogs and people enjoying the sunshine! There were about a gazillion cute dogs there. Some of the male dog-people were squirting the hose water into the air so their dogs would leap really high to catch it in their mouths. It was very cool, and the dogs seemed to be having a fabulous time.

One of the dogs (who I've seen there before) was this very tall, very thin, very long-legged dog with shaggy gray fur and a long, elegant face. I thought at first that it might be an Irish wolfhound, but when I looked up photos of that breed online, they were far too solid/muscular and didn't have the right profile. (Aha! Upon a bit more research, I think what I saw was probably a particularly skinny *Russian* wolfhound, though it also sorta reminded me of a horizontally stretched landstrider from the 1982 Jim Henson film The Dark Crystal.)

We noticed that the vast majority of people who walk their dogs at the dog park (both today and on our previous visits) are women, and we speculated about why that might be. I meant to do a bit of research online to see if I could find some statistics, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Then we went to Target, where many grocery items were very cheap. Then we biked 3 miles (mostly uphill) in the 80-degree heat, and I was not particularly enjoying the ride ... except for all the cherry blossoms along our route.

I hear there was some kind of sports event today. There certainly was a lot of yelling in our neighborhood. Just in general, I'm not a big sports gal, though I do enjoy a major league baseball game upon occasion. And the Super Bowl commercials are often amusing, like the little Darth Vader kid this year. I've always loved the McDonald's commercial from the 1993 Super Bowl with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. Come to think of it, that may be the only Super Bowl I've ever watched, though we (I and 3 male friends) actually played contract bridge throughout it. I guess that's how nerds watch the Super Bowl.
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